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Educational Technology

With our campus-wide wireless network, Villanova College is committed to developing and integrating technology to cultivate critical thinking skills, nurture creativity and enhance learning. All students use Edsby, a web-based Learning Management System with an integrated platform, to access course material, receive and submit assignments and collaborate with teachers and classmates. Parents are engaged in their child’s academic success and stay well connected and informed with on-line access to calendars, schedules, assignment deadlines and information regarding extra-curricular programs and school events. Students from grades 7 – 12 participate in our wireless Windows-based laptop program, while mobile labs are dedicated to students in grades 4 - 6.

Our Educational Technology plan continues to emphasize the development of organizational skills, technological literacy, and the use of project based learning. Classrooms are digitally equipped to be interactive and we continue to explore the best educational resources including e-texts, OneNote, and specialized software.

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