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Fulfilling the Master Plan

For the past twenty-three years Villanova College has provided its students with a well-rounded, rigorous academic program that prepares them to succeed at their post-secondary studies and to become leaders who serve.  As we prepare to mark the 25th anniversary of Villanova College, the Master Plan that was developed in 2000 continues to be realized as we break ground on the next phase.

Our established music, theatre arts, debate and public speaking programs need a home.  Our outstanding students across all grades will benefit from the facilities that will be added at this time and for years to come.  With an eye always to the future, the Master Plan entailed adding new facilities within 10 years of each expansion.  We are proud to say we are indeed on track – 1999, 2002, 2003, 2009, 2017 and now 2025!  With our campus extension to 53 acres, we are just scratching the surface of what Villanova College will become.  

Project Details

This exciting new 40,000 sq. ft. addition to Villanova College will include a bright and beautiful new dining hall and kitchen, a 330 seat theatre, chapel, specialty classrooms, rehearsal spaces, administrative offices and a new home for the school store. The future is bright at VC and our students will begin enjoying these new spaces in early 2025.

This new build will also allow for current spaces to be repurposed. The current Armoury, music classrooms and cafeteria will be converted to a physics lab, art studio and classrooms to create specialized spaces and accommodate increasing enrollment.

Bringing the Vision to Life

Project 2025: Building the Future Together is a $20 million project of which $12 million has been raised prior to announcing the public campaign. We are excited to reveal, very soon, the generous donors that have already committed to helping us see this project realized.

Did you know that the Building the Future Together campaign is our very first capital campaign? Our commitment to maintaining the lowest possible tuition among our colleague schools while maintaining the highest standards and service to our families remains so and as such, tuition dollars have never been used to fund capital projects at VC.

Our current campus and facilities were realized through a special bond program and through the incredible generosity of the friends and family of Villanova College. Project 2025 will be no different in that tuition funds will not go towards the build and the generosity of our VC community will help us see this project to completion by raising $8 million through the Building the Future Together campaign.

Please consider donating so that we may continue Building the Future Together.

Recognition Opportunities

We would be pleased to partner with you to build the most meaningful and impactful recognition to celebrate your gift towards our Building the Future Together campaign.  Please email Mr. Paul Paradiso should you be interested in learning more about special donor recognition opportunities.

 New Main Entrance and Performing Arts Centre

Great Hall and New Dining Hall 

New Theatre and Specialty Classrooms