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Domestic ESL

Villanova College’s ESL Program (available to students in grades 9-12) allows students to achieve the Ontario Secondary School Diploma while building their English language skills. At Villanova College, students in the ESL program are supported both inside and outside the classroom to ensure they have a positive, engaging and enriching educational experience.

Students fully participate in our school’s rigorous academic program and Advanced Placement courses, while building their English language levels.

Students are assessed and placed in ESL level B, C, D or E and follow the curriculum for this credit. This course develops their language proficiency (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and exposes students to a variety of social and cultural topics that prepares them for a range of academic and social experiences. The program is carefully designed to accelerate language acquisition and to provide the foundation for students to study and learn in English.

Who is eligible for the Domestic ESL program?

Our Domestic ESL program is for students moving to the local area. Students must live with one or both parents for the application to be considered. An interview will be arranged once a completed application is submitted. All application documents submitted (such as report cards and transcripts),  must be translated. Applicants to the Domestic ESL program will be required to complete and submit a language test as part of the application. We accept the TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo assessment. Students applying will be required to show proof of Permanent Residency or a valid Canadian study permit.  The application process to apply for and renew study permits is complex and is the full responsibility of the student & parent(s).