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Middle School

At Villanova College, we understand the unique qualities and needs of young adolescents, intellectually and socially. We teach students how to learn, guiding them to refine their learning skills and work habits to prepare them for success in the Upper School. The upper floor of the school is dedicated to the Middle School with opportunities throughout the day for Middle Schoolers to interact with the rest of the school community. Middle School students have their own lunch period in the cafeteria with access to indoor and outdoor space to enjoy recess. They benefit from our top-notch facilities for music, technology and physical education. The after school program includes a supervised homework room, tutorials, access to the school library and a full complement of co-curricular programs. A caring faculty ensures individual talents are nurtured and supported through these critical middle years.

Junior Program:
Grades 4, 5, 6

Our junior students transition to the Middle School through the guidance and support of their Homeroom teacher who teaches the core subjects of English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, and Religion. French, Physical Education, and Music are taught by subject specialists on a rotary schedule. Homeroom teachers and our youngest students develop relationships which allow the teacher to nurture and provide appropriate challenges based on each student's needs and talents.

Intermediate Program:
Grades 7 & 8

Intermediate students are prepared for the transition to the Upper School through the introduction of a rotary timetable taught by teachers who are specialists in their area of study. With this shift from core to full rotary, all Middle School teachers work closely together as a team to provide support and personalized attention to each student. Through inquiry based learning, we further students' intellectual curiosity and increase their abstract thinking and problem solving abilities.